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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chinese Need To Choose Between 'Malaysia 1st' Or 'Chinese 1st'

Chinese in Malaysia seem to have 'love' the idea of 'hitting' anyone who defend Malay rights as well as question their loyalty to this country. There isn't any need to insult them, reminding them that from history they are immigrants is enough to make sure that you will suffer the consequences. They will never stop barking as long as no actions are taken.

However, when the Chinese insult this country, Malays, Islam, the government as well as authorities to the level where it goes viral in the internet, they should be pardoned. If not, they will bark saying that the government is being cruel.

To cover up their biased view and rudeness, they would not stop claiming that UMNO is racist and Perkasa are joined by Malay extremists. Those claims are recycled again and again until it stays as a mindset of the race.

They claim that their race is oppressed by UMNO while Perkasa only intensifies it. Saying that it is tough for all races in Malaysia to unite as long as these two organisations are around to stop it. They even urged these two organisations to put Malaysia in front of race (Malaysia 1st, Malay 2nd).

Fact is, that is what UMNO and Perkasa have always wanted, for all races to put Malaysia in front of race. That is why we are pushing towards a single school system for all. That is why we want to all races to defend Bahasa Melayu as the national language instead of just making it as an easy way to socialize, in order to support the real meaning of ‘Malaysia 1st’ as urged by the Chinese.

However, the ones who are actually rejecting the spirit of ‘Malaysia 1st’ are actually the Chinese themselves.

Obviously a lot of times we have seen that their loyalty to this country is not real. Just look at how Namewee insulted this country and not even a single Chinese criticized his actions. Who are the ones who proudly set the Malaysian flag upside down?! Utusan Malaysia today also reviewed how the Chinese often put shame on Malaysia in other countries.

Not that we don't know that most Chinese who travel overseas to study or migrate love to tarnish the country's image without feeling any guilt. They never have any love for their own country, they think that they are miserable in Malaysia, as if Malaysia is one dirty, ugly and foul country.

Fact is, this is the same country which has given them all the luxuries, they are even given a place in the government, something which is almost impossible for minorities in other countries could enjoy. Only in this country, they are able to form schools only for their race, approved and assisted by the government. Only in this country, they are allowed to print their newspapers in their language, which they have used to instigate and tarnish the government's image. Only in this country, their religious and cultural days are recognized as public holiday.

Despite all that, they still do not appreciate anything. Whenever BERSIH runs its rallies here, those who are in other countries would also wear yellow, raising banners, proudly accusing their own country.

Just look at what happened to Malaysian Chinese who are working in Singapore as they get too exited over insulting their own country claiming that it is cruel and they are oppressed, they seem to have forgotten how they country that they were staying is even more strict than Malaysia. From there, they were arrested and actions were taken against them without much explanation from authorities of the country while their 'comrades' in Malaysia run free, joining rallies around the country to challenge the government.

That is why, we only have one message for the Chinese, if you want to create more damage, at least do not be hypocrite. Do not pretend to be loyal to this country because everyone is aware that you hate this country.

There is no need to pretend and chant for transparency because DAP itself is not transparent that its own members were cheated when CEC election was rigged.
Do not pretend that you are oppressed because the whole world knows that the country's economy goes to the Chinese.


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